Metal Balconies are an attractive option for your property that can help you make the most of the spectacular Cornish coastline. The available options include free standing balconies which enable you to increase your outside space, or alternatively we can install balcony railings around an already existing platform.

Juliette balcony systems

Juliette balconies, traditionally are made with wrought iron. They are an essential safety measure to employ where an opening from a building above ground level occurs. With many designs to choose from we always ensure our products meet current building regulations. Installation of our balconies usually requires the need for temporary scaffolding towers; which we provide. Alternatively we can use permanent scaffolding if it is in place or where it is required for the safety of our installation team.

Stainless steel glass balustrades are often used with our galvanised metal balcony structures. This provides the structural strength provided by the steelwork. If external access is required for your balcony, we can provide you with a metal staircase.


There are many different types of flooring available for your balcony. As standard we use a steel checker plate as this will provide you with the relevant anti-slip requirements. It will also provide cover for the underside of your balcony. We also offer a solid composite boarding which will give the look of wood but without the need for treatments. This will also last for over 20 years as a minimum. A checker alternative can also be used & traditional timber decking boards but will they require regular maintenance.

If you require a quote or would like to place an order please get in contact with us using the contact page. Alternatively we are open Monday to Friday 9-5 at our workshop to discuss your project.

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